Radiodays Asia the leading radio, audio, podcast conference is back in 2023

Kuala Lumpur, 5th September 2023: Radiodays Asia 2023 opened today with a key note from the Minister of Communications and Digital, YB Teo Ching, the Deputy Minister said:

“In Malaysia we know listeners are engaged and loyal to their favourite radio station and as you all know, this is echoed around the world: Information and news (both National and Regional) can be broadcast in real time, as the story unfolds and as is so important nowadays, we are considered a trustworthy source to keep our audiences informed and to counter mis-information.

In times of huge global news, natural disasters, as well as national or local community stories, radio can accurately reflect what is happening. Just as importantly, audio can celebrate culture, entertainment and music and give the sense of belonging to the listener.

Even though it has been around for years, radio is not an old medium, it has stayed current, on all types of digital platforms and is direct, immediate and a platform for music and conversations.  With the rise in podcasting we see a younger audience being attracted to audio with many becoming podcasters themselves.  Podcasting has been fast growing and poses new opportunities – themes of both Radiodays Asia and Podcast Day Asia.

All media is challenged by new consumer behaviour with the development of digital platforms and growing competition for audience attention.  This is why Radiodays Asia is so important, to share experiences and make radio meet those challenges, stay relevant for listeners and develop digital innovations and competition.

Seeing professionals from the Asia-Pacific, and from across the world, gather here in Malaysia to discuss current radio and podcasting developments as well as its future, is a great thing.  To see a vibrant media industry looking ahead to meet audience expectations and develop its business models for the changing audio landscape in the coming years is important not just for the audio industry itself, but also for our millions of loyal listeners – now and in the future.


Radiodays Asia 2023, is an international event attended by participants from 30 countries from the Asia-Pacific and the rest of the world. Over two days over 300 radio, audio and podcast participants are gathering to discuss all the important topics affecting their industries whilst sharing ideas and innovations from their own stations, businesses and podcasts.

Yesterday, Monday 4th September, the event kicked off with two workshops focused on social media for breakfast shows hosted by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union and a Podcast Design Workshop hosted by DWAkademie and Public Media Alliance with Methodkit. These were a popular choice for attendees and offered interactive and an educational start to proceedings. Radiodays Asia also has an exhibition area with sponsors and is supported by Gold Partners: RCS and Radioplayer.

Radiodays Asia runs from the 5-6 September while a new event for the region Podcast Day Asia starts for one day only on Wednesday 6th September. Radiodays Asia is delighted to launch Podcast Day Asia in track 2 as part of Radiodays Asia as a whole, with the rest of the conference continuing in track 1.  Podcast Day Asia is a day dedicated to podcasting with presentations from many experts in the Podcast space from Asia-Pacific and Australia.

With opportunities to network throughout the conference in meet-ups and Radiodays Asia is an all round conference which is a part of the larger organisation Radiodays Europe which runs the largest radio, audio and podcast conference of it’s kind in Europe. Next year Radiodays Europe is being held on 17-19 March 2024 in Munich, Germany.


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