Maslina Alias appointed as Hon Secretary Commercial Radio Malaysia (CRM)



KUALA LUMPUR,7th July 2023 (IKIM) – The Commercial Radio Malaysia (CRM) announced Nazri Noran, the  Chief Executive Officer representing Synchrosound Studio Sdn Bhd (Media Prima Audio) and Rizal Sahimy, General Manager of Suara Johor Sdn Bhd as the President and Vice-President at its 26th Annual General Meeting. 

“I am deeply honoured to be elected as the President of Commercial Radio Malaysia. This  esteemed position provides an incredible opportunity to shape the future of the radio industry,  promote the power of audio storytelling, and champion the voices of our diverse communities. I  am truly excited to work alongside our talented professionals and industry partners to create an  inclusive and innovative environment that elevates the radio experience for all,” said Nazri. 

The meeting also appointed, Maslina Alias, News Manager of Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia as Honorary Secretary and Mr Aaron Giles Pinto, Chief Operating Officer of Max Air-Play Sdn Bhd  as Honorary Treasurer.  

The Vice President, Rizal Sahimy said, “Thank you for this opportunity. Together with the council  members, we can make radio a platform that connects with your soul via great music, memorable  events and inspiring content.” 

CRM, incorporated in 1994, was previously known as MACRO (Malaysian Association of  Commercial Radio Operators) and is the only association in Malaysia for commercial radio  operators broadcasting in this country. As an association, CRM works to coordinate regulatory  issues, promote listener engagement activities, organize outreach programmes for  undergraduates, and share resources for research ratings. For more information, visit 

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