The youngest detainee in the world .. "Malak" in Israeli jails

GAZA CITY,  29 Jan –  Rather than appearing playing in a public park or a theme park like the rest of the world’s children, she appeared in the dock, trembling in fear and coolness, and with her slim body she appeared beside her jailers of occupation police officers, in the court which did not see her a child at all , but saw her as a serious threat to the existence of a state with the latest heavily armament technology.10954568_976828679026219_4169411893235531484_n
She is the smallest detained child in the world, she is “Malak Ali al-Khatib”, 14, from the village of Peteen east of Ramallah.
The Israeli forces abducted her in front of her school on the last day of 2014.
The director of Ahrar center for prisoners’ studies and human rights, Fouad Khuffash, the girl was subjected to interrogation and investigation, as being done with adult prisoners, and charged her three charges: throwing stones and closing the road and possession of a knife.
He added: “Malak was displayed 4 times on the” Israeli moot court, ” and in the last time, she was judged by actual imprisonment for two months, and six thousand shekels a financial fine.”
Khafsh explained that there is something shameful happened in the case of Malak, that they knew about her arresting coincidentally, after 19 days of her arrest. He also explained that till this moment, there is no international human rights party or organization have done anything to the child Malak.
During speaking about the issue of the child “Malak”, Khuffash described her arrest as “assassination of childhood, and rape to all international conventions and laws that call for the protection of children, it saw a picture of innocence painted on the face of this little girl that does not weigh more than 35 km, where she was shivering of the cold when presented to the court, and will be placed in the women’s section in the Hasharon prison.
Khuffash denied any visit to the girl yet, and said, “She was seen by her father, after all, in the cage inside the court, at the last meeting a week ago, and no one can visit her,” as he also denied the issuance of any report of a lawyer for the child until now.9998533139
The little girl “Malak” is considered among nearly 185 Palestinian minor children, currently languishing in Israeli jails, with extremely bad living conditions, and concentrated their detention in “Sharon”, “Ofer” and “Megiddo” prisons.
There are among the children of prisoners about 20 children between the ages of 12-14 years, and all of them are residents of the West Bank and Jerusalem.

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