Introduction of 350 Trucks and Fuel via the "Kerem Shalom" Today

Chairman of the Coordination Committee to introduce goods to the Gaza Strip, Raed Fattouh said that the occupation will introduce (350) trucks through the Kerem Shalom crossing on Sunday.

Fattouh said in a statement, the trucks scheduled to be introduced are loaded with goods to the commercial and agricultural sectors, aid and transportation.

He pointed out that 100 gravel trucks will be entered to the infrastructure of roads and 10 trucks loaded with bitumen for road infrastructure and Qatari projects.

Fattouh said that the occupation will allow pumping amounts of diesel to the power plant, transportations, and cooking gas.

The “Kerem Shalom” is considered the only commercial crossing from which goods and fuel are introduced to the Gaza Strip and the Israeli occupation authorities close it on Friday and Saturday of every week.

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