Two twins from smuggled sperm for a detainee from ‪Gaza‬

GAZA STRIP,   21 July 2015 – Wife of detainee Ahmed Sakany, “Abu Tariq” from the Gaza Strip, gave birth yesterday, Monday, to two twin children “Moataz & Sewar” using sperm smuggled from the prison, after a successful Caesarean operation which was carried out to his wife in a hospital in the Gaza Strip.
Detainee Ahmed Sakany, 35 years, was detained in 2002 and sentenced to 27 years, and the occupation charged him of belonging to the Islamic Jihad.

Detainee Sakany has lost his eldest son, Tariq, about a year ago after suffering a traffic accident after a press conference he had spoken on behalf of the children of detainees.

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One thought on “Two twins from smuggled sperm for a detainee from ‪Gaza‬

  • July 23, 2015 at 6:28 am

    Masha Allah! amazing, how did they smuggle it out?

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