The Israeli Government Approves a Draft "Jewish State" Bill

The Israeli occupation government approved on Sunday, the draft of “Jewish state” bill, with majority of 15 ministers against 7 ministers, in preparation for submission to the Knesset (parliament), at a later time.

The Israeli seventh channel, yesterday, quoting government sources, saying that the Israeli occupation government approved the “Jewish Nation” bill with a majority of 15 ministers against the objection of 7 others, which means passing it to the Knesset in a prelude for approval.

Israeli media reported that the Council of the occupation government session saw noisy debate about the “Jewish nation-state” bill proposed by a number of deputies from the right blocks (Jewish Home, and Likud). ”

Netanyahu, during the meeting, criticized Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, said that “lax” attitude shown towards the bill does not benifit the current reality.

In turn, the Minister of Science Jacob Perry of block “There is a Future” said at the meeting, according to Israel Radio, a bill of this nature should be further developed by the general consensus after extensive and in-depth work and not through “urgent legislative action.”

More than 1.6 million Arab citizens live in Israel, to make up more than 20% of the citizens of Israel’s 8 million, according to the Israeli Centre of Statistics.

The Attorney Hassan Jabarin, director of the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in the State of Israeli occupation (Justice), said in previous statements, that “Israeli Government’s approval to amend the national law would reiterate that the Arab citizens of Israel are not equal with the Jews.”

Jabarin added, “The new in the proposed amendments is the political dimension, where what is happening is another attempt to confirm that the Palestinian citizens of Israel are in the low status of citizenship, and that they are not equal with the Jews, and that the state is the state of the Jewish people.”

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