On International Women’s Day, 20 Palestinian detained women in Israeli jails awaiting freedom

GAZA CITY,  8 March –  “Ahrar” Center for the Study of prisoners and human rights, reported that 20 Palestinian women are still languishing in Israeli jails in conjunction with International Women’s Day, and living in harsh and difficult prison conditions which cause them many problems.120307072147iolw

The center explained in a statement today that those prisoners languish in the Israeli “Hasharon” prison, which the occupation denying them of their families, and some of them are deprived of their children because of continuing their captivity since different periods.

The center pointed out that the oldest Palestinian woman is the detainee Lena Jerboni (40 years) of Araba Auttof village in the occupied Palestinian home, and detained since 18 \ 4 \ 2002, and is sentenced for a period of 17 years.

From the city of Jerusalem, the occupation is still detains Dima Muhammad Ali Sawahrah Alguenbr (17 years), Shirin Issawi, and Dunya Dirar Issa Waked (35 years).

The occupation also arrests the detainee Mona Hussein Awad Ka’adan (42 years) of Araba in Jenin, and Yasmin Tayseer Abdul Rahman Shaban, 31, of Jalama village in Jenin, and the university student Yaman Amarna (21 years) from Yabud- Jenin, and Weaam Samih Mohammed Jaber Aseedah (23 years old) from a hill in Nablus, Palestine and the detainee Felesteen Freed Abdul Latif (28 years), and the detainee Samaher Suleiman Ali Zinedine (35 years).

The occupation also continues the arrest of the student at Birzeit University Lina Mohamed Atta’s Khattab, 18, from Ramallah, and Haniyeh Munir Ali Nasser (24 years), and Thurayya Kamal Bezar (21 years), and Fida Mohammed Khader Suleiman (22 years), and Bushra Jamal Mohammed AlTaweel (20 years) of AlBeerah.re_1356879796

From the city of Hebron, the occupation continues the detaining of Nehail Talal Radwan Abu Aisha (39 years), and detainee Ihsan Hassan Abdel Fattah Dbabsh (29 years), and captive Amal Taqatqa (21 years).

Director of “Ahrar” center Fouad Khafsh demanded all institutions, unions and feminist frameworks to activate the issue of Palestinian detainees, and continue the hard work in order to press for the release of them, pointing out that there is a clear shortening in their right.

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