Freed Detainees and the Killer Breeze of Freedom

GAZA CITY, 25 Jan – Zeenat Awad, the mother of the freed detainee Jaafar Awad (22 years-pic) from the village, “Beit Ommar” north of Hebron, who was released by the occupation authorities a few days ago after a serious deterioration occurred in the state of his health, says that her son gaza2 “Never complained of any illness before he was detained and entering the prison.”

And the bereaved mother continued – whose son was detained in November 2013 and charged for his belonging to the Islamic Jihad Movement- that after four months of captivity, her son began to suffer from a problem in sight, and was given treatment in which deteriorated his health.

Jaafar was presented to 26 court hearing but he did not attend the last six of them due to the deterioration of his health, and he stayed until the date of his release without any judgment against him.

Zeenat noted that the health of her son was declining every visit to the prison, and then he -as she said- began to be transmitted between the clinic of Ramle prison and Hospital Assaf Harofe trip, due to the deteriorating state of his health which summoned them to move with the official responsible authorities for the prisoners, which ended up with his release on bail of forty thousand shekels (ten thousand dollars). gaza2

Ibrahim Awad, the father of Jafar- who is seen burning and heartbreaking to his young son, between life and death- says “I authorized everything to God Almighty and thank God for what has happened, doctors will do their job to the fullest, and we do the best we can do, and will be satisfied of what is written upon us “.

The occupation authorities carry full responsibility for his son’s life, and repeat what was said by his wife to “My son entered prison sound and healthy, and a few months ago has been injected with a needle led to a serious deterioration in his condition after he was injured only with flu and sight weakness.”


Source: Al-Jazeera
Translated by Aman Palestin-Malaysia Media Unit

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