Egyptian authorities open the Rafah crossing

GAZA CITY,  9 March –   Egyptian authorities have opened the Rafah crossing, today, Monday, in both directions, to enable the humanitarian cases in the Gaza Strip to travel, and the return of the stranded on the Egyptian side.IMG_7184

Maher Abu Sabha, director of the Department of the crossings in Gaza, said that dozens of humanitarian cases, on Monday morning, began to leave the Gaza Strip, in conjunction with the flow of the stranded on the Egyptian side.
The Egyptian authorities, has informed the Palestinian side on Saturday 7 March 2015, officially to open the Rafah crossing for two consecutive days, in both directions.
It is worth mentioning that the Egyptian authorities close the entire Rafah crossing, the main outlet between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, and open it every only to travel of humanitarian cases, since the overthrow of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, in July 2013 and the subsequent attacks targeting security headquarters in the Sinai Peninsula, close to the border.

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