Child Al-Refy .. Zionist Occupation Caused Him Loss of His Twin, His Movement and His Lungs

GAZA CITY,  29 July 2015 –  He has no wish but to walk again on his feet like the rest of his peers of children to practice his favorite hobbies naturally, but this wish may remain trapped in the movable bed, which prisons him throughout his life. DSC_0001

Story of Mohammed Nasr Al-Refy, 9 years, is not a fantasy, it is a series of zionist crimes and follies against every Palestinian.

Deliberate Targeting

We could barely hear Al-Refy’s voice which we needed to the doctor, Basman AlAshi (Director of Al-Wafaa Hospital) to deliver his messages and words but Mohammed was trying to be stronger and more coherent during speaking.

Mohammed talked about the scene of injury that still lingers with its dark events on his mind, where a zionist shell targeted him, his twin brother, his father and 4 of his cousins during the recent internecine aggression, adding: “My dad and my twin brother Omar were martyred, 4 of my cousins, and my uncle, then I lost consciousness and did not know what happened then. ”

Child Mohammed Al-Refy affirms that the occupation deliberately targeted them in order to kill them all, wondering: “What have we done to bomb us that way?!”. DSC_0972

Nature of the Injury

Basman Al-Ashi, Director of Al-Wafaa Hospital confirmed that the injury of Mohammed was very critical; where he was subjected to a direct hit in the spinal muscles and cut in the spinal cord, which led him to complete paralysis.

Al-Ashi explains that the injury of Mohammed led to the stop of transmission of nerve signals to the lungs, leading to the failure of their function, which summoned the hospital to connect him to artificial respiration device which serves as the lungs.

He pointed out that if the device stops for one minute, it subjects the life of Al-Refy at risk, he could lose his life.
He says: “The device needs continuous electricity, but the electricity situation in the Gaza Strip is not a secret.”

Doctor also noted that, Muhammad had never departed Al-Wafa’a Hospital, as well as the nursing team based on his status never left him a moment because his case needs accurate and sensitive care.

Very Important Requirements

The doctor referred, that Mohammed needs essential and important requirements, most notably continuous electricity to run its own ventilator, noting that most fear is a device failure and that needs to be maintenance periodically.DSC_0979

He stressed that the child also needs the provision of some of the drugs for his condition, as well as he needs to continue his education and to provide education opportunity to estimate his health.

Mohammed’s Wishes

Muhammad talks about his wishes that he wishes to return to walk again so he can practice his favorite hobbies like the rest of the other children peers, but this is what the doctor confirmed -away from the ears of Muhammed- that this is impossible to happen unless a divine miracle happens.

Doctors said that his condition was able to improve after only 24 hours of exposure to infection, but the child was unlucky as he kept lying just like any other counterparts of patients who remained lieutenants sickbed or died due to the closure of the Rafah crossing, which prevented them the opportunity of medication.

Mohammed also wishes to have a “laptop” to enable him from watching cartoons and playing games, despite the perception that he is in full paralysis, but he tries to get his most basic rights.

Mohammed’s scene remains a unique case among the dozens of other cases, which see death many times daily in their eyes and that is not for a crime they commited but to be Palestinian living in the land of Gaza.

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