Aman Palestin starts the Outreach Program for Wounded People

GAZA STRIP,   2 April 2015 – The ongoing repeated aggression and wars on Gaza Strip have left thousands of injuries and permanent disabilities to the unarmed civilians. According to the wounded, the real war starts after the announcement of truce after the aggression, where patients start their path of suffering with medication under the severe circumstances in Gaza Strip.

The conditions of many patients in Gaza deteriorate due to the difficult economic conditions and harsh social situations of their families who cannot send them to the hospitals and medical centers daily or weekly, which leaves great impact on the wounded with permanent disabilities who need continuous medical treatment.

Numbers and Data of the latest war on Gaza

The number of injuries of the recent Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip who need permanent help amounted to more than 6,144 patients, according to statistics of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, which are distributed to all age groups varied between men, women, children and the elderly. Among this number, there are 518 injuries that need permanent treatment and care beyond the hospital.

Services of the project

Aman Palestin Berhad Malaysia starts the implementation of the Outreach Program for wounded and people with disabilities through its partner Assalama Charity Association in Gaza Strip. The project aims to decrease the suffering of the wounded by visiting the patients at home, and provide them with all medical services needed such as Medical consultations , Physiotherapy sessions, Nursing care, Psychological support, Medication, Assistive devices and Medical disposables.


The project will benefit 518 injuries from the governorate of Gaza and Northern Gaza on two phases; the first phase will focus on 300 patients who suffer from paralysis, wounds and need urgent intervention in duration of 3 months.
The second phase will focus on 218 of the wounded who suffer amputations and conditions are stabled. The project will provide home adaptation to adapt the surrounded environment to suit their new conditions to enable them rely on themselves and integrate again in the community.

In addition to that, the project will provide workshops to raise awareness among the wounded and their families to deal with the cases of amputations and disabilities. Moreover, recreational trips will be implemented for the wounded and disabled to entertain them and decrease the effects of the trauma and shock of the war, and motivate them to integrate in the community.

Role of Aman Palestin during the last war

Aman Palestin Berhad Malaysia has a long history and previous experience in the intervention and supporting the projects of the wounded in the Gaza Strip; it was the first institution to embark on helping the wounded and medical centers during the recent 2014 summer offensive, where it provided the Intensive Care Units in Gaza Strip hospitals with the urgent and necessary medical supplies.


Through its partners, Aman Palestin Berhad had also visited the wounded at hospitals and provided them with the necessary medical and logistical needs specially the wounded who were injured during evacuating their houses under the bombardment.

In addition to the 2014 aggression, Aman Palestin had carried out the Project of Home Adaptation for the wounded after the 2012 war, where the project adapted the surrounding environment to serve the needs of the people with disabilities, where it improved their lives dramatically and enabled them to integrate again in the society.
The Outreach Project is one of the Gaza Reconstruction Projects implemented by Aman Palestin Berhad in Gaza Strip with a budget of 7 Million dollars.

Aman Palestin has specialised the 2015 year for the reconstruction of Gaza, with partnership of the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, the Municipalities, Civil Defense, Hospitals & Medical Associations, and finally the Local NGOs.
The project is very important and essential where it touches the most sensitive rank, the people with disabilities and wounded, and serves a noble humanitarian message to take care of humans.

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