A Disabled Young in Gaza with Creative Paintings


GAZA STRIP,   21 April 2015 – “Drawing Pen has not less value and impact than the writer pen” to deliver a message and document the Palestinian issuesand expressing oneself.

Despite the prevention of life and his disability, He is still progressing towards it strongly and keenly, holding hope in his heart and a pencil with a white paper…

Mohammed Al-Dalou, has provided an artistically distinctive feature in a country plagued by cavernous wounds daily.
He rides his black pen drawing a white life into a dark place colored by meager limbs refused to stay closed in its illness and continued drawing to become known like a flag on a mountain.


Mohammed Al- Dalou, 20 years of disease, has been invested in the distinctive art represented in drawing using the pencil in valued and beautiful way, while he can not draw his recovery from an incurable disease called “muscular dystrophy”.

It is a disease that prevents the parts of the body from moving largely, and stops the body from growing. It stays small size even if the age is big.

Mohammed, who can not move his face but on one corner only because of illness and severe difficulty of movement, spent his years fluctuating between environs of hospitals and at the mercy of medical and drug treatment,

said “I started drawing cartoon characters (anime) and then developed to drawing national and Islamic characters such as Abu Ammar and Ahmed Yassin, “Success is patience and power”.


Mohamed says while looking at a picture of his painting: “Art and drawing are a divine glimpse thrown in the heart and soul of the artist, and I care greatly of the Nakba because our cause and the Nakba is the most important issue and it is our right to express them in all creative ways and try to be a positive active member in favor of the issue”.

He adds: “All praises to Allah that my disability did not deprive me from serving the Palestinian Cause through painting, and my drawings carry a number of messages to remind everyone notably that the Palestinian cause and the Nakba, which the occupation is trying to fraud like it did not happen”.

Muhammad participated in local art exhibitions where he wowed the audience of his paintings, which blared strongly in the gallery on the Palestinian Land Day at Saraya area in Gaza City. 1512844_659539330834775_1735983359092799037_n

About his message, Mohammed says, “My message is that I want to lift up the name of Palestine high by participation in local and international exhibitions so that everyone knows that the fine arts come out of of every human being whatever the pain of life, and I will do so inevitably whether I found support or I stayed here in my room draw for the world, where I Share photos via social media sites”.


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